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JR’s Toy world was established in June 2018 by JR with one goal. To become a leading supplier of toys to all ages and fanatics. Ranging from young kids, to the established adult collector. The company is an online e-commerce retailer residing in Virginia. There is no “brick and mortar” store which helps reduce operational costs and provide a reasonable price to the customer. The owner is an active duty service member with the U.S. Army, carrying the honesty and integrity values necessary to operate as a business owner, and what customers expect.

He is dedicated to the veteran community and supports the military community. His drive to provide a quality product and 10+ years of retail experience gives him the experience for customers to purchase with confidence. Unlike other small business owners, he doesn’t plan on being that small very long. Operating under three core principles: Quality, timing, and communication. JR is committed to ensuring the customer receives the highest level of service as possible. We look forward to providing quality toys to you and your family!! Thank you for your business. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!!

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