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No E.T.A and Pre-order Policy 2018-09-15T05:14:07+00:00
What does “No E.T.A. mean?
“No Estimated Time of Arrival”
No E.T.A. is treated as such. When you order an item, you are agreeing to the fact that it could be 2 days, 2 months or 10 years before you get the item. I will do everything I can, but usually this is due to manufacturer and not JR’s Toy World.
What does “Pre-order” mean?
It means that the manufacturer has open-up a window that can allow JR’s Toy World to lock in allocation of stock for a very short window of time. That time varies. The date provided is an estimated release date and is subject to change. JR’s Toy World will keep the information as current and updated as soon as it is released.

Both No E.T.A. and pre-order items are treated equally as per my very simple return policy.
Any questions, please email!!

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